• SAMR – Godzilla vs Kong

    How stupid is this action movie?

    There are several groan-worthy moments, and you’ll need to check your science, logic, time, and spatial awareness at the door. It’s not as bad in this regard as the first in this trilogy where Ford must have teleportation powers to be at the center of every major event whether it’s in Japan or on a train in the US midwest or a boat in the Pacific, but there’s definitely some Santa’s sleigh level travel going on in this one.

    Would I let the little’un and the big’un watch it?

    Yep. There are a couple of mild curse words (shit is the only one I can recall right now). The fight sequences are solidly action, with very little blood. Both Godzilla and Kong are damaged, but aside from some gross moments that are more silly than anything else (like Godzilla eating one of Ghidora’s heads at the end of King of Monsters) the only thing that might bother some younger kiddos is the large amount of faceless/nameless characters who are cannon fodder. A couple of main characters do die, but the camera cuts after the set up, so the actual death isn’t on screen.

    What I liked:
    • The big reveal. I may have squee’d a little.
    • The fight sequences between Godzilla and Kong. I especially liked that their moves were consistent with past movies and they fought like animals rather than men in suits.
    • The boss fight was believably tough. Even if you know how it’ll all turn out, it’s possible not everyone is getting out alive.
    • Jia (played by Kaylee Hottle). She made me believe.
    What I didn’t like:
    • I’m gonna get slammed for this, but Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown). I wasn’t super fond of her character in King, but she’s even flatter in this one. She’s there solely to up the stakes, and it’s obvious and unnecessary.
    • Likewise Julian Dennison (Josh Valentine). His character was completely unnecessary.
    • The glossing over of quite a few plot points. There were a lot of moments where you just had to accept things existed and/or worked the way they did because… reasons.
    Overall impression:

    Super fun, mindless entertainment. It feels a bit on the long side, but there’s plenty of action once it gets going. The ending is satisfying, the rivalry works, the CGI is impressive and the overall atmosphere of the movie is nice. Suspend your disbelief hard and it’s a fun way to spend almost two hours.

    3.5 Stupid Action Movie Stars

    Too stupid even for me.


    It was fun.

    I’d watch it again.

    I own it.

  • I’m curious…

    Which of my work-in-progress stories are you most looking forward to?
  • Name an alien pet – it’s poll time!

    Zoranna and the three pups

    I received so many awesome submissions in my call to help me name Zoranna’s alien pets, I’m really glad I’m not the one having to choose! Thank you all so much.

    Please choose your three favorite names in the poll below. Winning names will be used in DROSCAL: KA’ATARI WARRIORS book 3 and the person(s) who submitted those names will get a shout out at the front of the book.

    I’ve randomized the list of names and the submitters will be kept anonymous. This isn’t a popularity contest, but if you want to point friends and family here to vote, there aren’t any restrictions on who can submit their choices.

    I’m not worried about the names being gender conforming so don’t let that influence you. I provided the genders of the pups to my newsletter just to help with brainstorming.

    Poll closes at 5pm EST (UTC -5) on Wednesday Nov. 4th.

    The poll is closed!

    The winning names will be announced shortly.

  • The End of the Beginning

    {Just a small bit of writing I did quite a while ago that I thought I’d share.}

    The end came very near the beginning. No one seemed to notice when it began, so the end still seemed rather far off. Perhaps that’s why everyone seemed to think it ended so quickly. By the time one realized it had begun, it was over. There aren’t many things that can slip by your consciousness like a stealthy beginning. And one rarely fails to notice an end. Of course, the beginning and the end are both rather arbitrary and it’s really the middle that plays the lead. No one talks about the middle though, preferring to simply let it happen naturally. The beginning and the end often overshadow the middle, but people tend to crave those sorts of bookends.

    So the beginning was rather nebulous, but begin it did. And shortly thereafter we came to the end.

  • I love lists.

    I make a lot of lists. Beyond the usual grocery and to do, I have goal lists and house task specific lists and challenge lists and for several years I’ve had a 101 things in 1001 days list. I haven’t updated it since 2015, but my list is still there on the Day Zero website. That list randomly came to mind the other day, so I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and see what I wanted to do back then.

    Naturally, there were a lot of book and reading related entries.

    • write at least 100 words a day for 7 days
    • successfully complete my novel
    • complete a short story and submit it to eastoftheweb.com
    • organize books
    • read 5 books in the TBR pile
    • read all the magazines in the pile before renewing/subscribing to any more
    • subscribe to all the magazines on my wishlist
    • write every day in my paper journal for at least 100 days
    • go one month without acquiring any new books
    • read 5 books in the TBR pile (Seize the Night Sherilynn Kenyon; The Truth About Love Stephanie Laurens; To Tame a Wolf Susan Krinard; Marriage Most Scandalous Johanna Lindsey; Dark Side of the Moon Sherrilyn Kenyon)
    • get sufficient bookcases to house all of our books
    • read (or at least attempt) the Dark Tower novel

    Some I finished easily (read 5 TBR books) and others took a bit (getting sufficient bookcases) but most of them I was able to complete before the end of the challenge. I didn’t submit a story to eastoftheweb (and honestly I’m shocked the website is still around), and I failed miserably at going a month without any new books. The rest have all been done.

    I suspect my love of lists comes from the same place as my hoarding of planners and notebooks. At least most of my lists are digital and don’t live in piles around my desk.

  • None of this is okay.

    I have gone back and forth on whether to post so many times my brain thinks it’s watching a tennis match. In the end, I feel like I should say something about *waves like wacky inflatable arm guy* everything.

    I’m not qualified to talk about this in so many ways. It’s not my experience, and I’m certainly not educated enough on systemic racism, ingrained bias, black/POC American history (I just learned about Fred Hampton for shit’s sake), or the way politics work to be able to speak intelligently. I’ve done some personal work, but not nearly enough.

    I just want to be clear.  I see you. I support you. I will strive to always be better and do better. I will listen and respect when you tell me what you need. I will use my privilege as often and as well as I can.

    If you see something troubling or offensive in my stories, please tell me. I am learning, and committed, but I can’t promise I won’t make mistakes. I can promise I will thank you for telling me, and correct it.

    I am here if you need me.

    Stay safe.

  • I’m indecisive.

    Everyone who knows me is nodding enthusiastically at that statement. So anyway, here’s another poll where I’d like your input. I’ve decided to create a readers group, but can’t decide on the name. So…


    [forminator_poll id="1628"]
  • Go on a blind date

    I so wanted to make the title of this post “Can I dance with your dates?” but I didn’t because I feel like not a lot of people will get that reference.

    Everything here is cancelled, which means I’m stuck in a house with three other people for at least nine days (but probably more like 21). I don’t do well without alone time. Did I check the supply of Drambuie the moment the text saying the schools were closed came through? Yes. Yes, I did.

    Along with day drinking and fending off small humans and a husband, I’m writing. Having all the aforementioned people in the house adds a new level of excitement while writing sexy times.

    But I digress. This post is actually to let you know that I’m running a giveaway! Yay free books! There will be 11 winners. You can get extra entries when people use your social media link to sign up.

    Good luck and remember: even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again.

  • New release!

    This hunka hunka alien love is now available on Amazon (and in Kindle Unlimited)! Kiran was so much fun to write, I’m already working on another one. Here’s the blurb:

    Go to space, they said. It’ll be an adventure, they said. They had no idea.

    Cora’s boring job as a lab tech on board the space station Shangris is interrupted when two ships fall out of hyperspace and put Earth smack in the middle of an intergalactic war. She’s not sure which side she should be on, but the built-like-a-brick-house blue warrior who rescues her from the crumbling station could be more evil than Hannibal Lecter and she might not care. Especially if he’s in to eating people. But not in the creepy way.

    The Talia’s captain ordered Kiran and his team to search the damaged station for survivors, and kill any Scovid he might find. The squid-like humanoids were known for using more primitive races for barbaric experiments. The Talia was tailing this particular ship when they jumped blindly into an unknown sector of the galaxy. With Ka’atari mates being as rare as a three-headed givuthde, he never dreamed his would be one of the survivors.

    Things get even more complicated when another hyperspace jump, an unruly alien pet, and politicians get involved.

    Hunka hunka blue alien love, action packed, steamy sci-fi romance. This is a stand alone novella with a guaranteed happily ever after and no cliffhangers.

    I don’t know how Covid-19 is affecting y’all, but here they’ve just closed the schools for the next week and told the husband to work from home for two weeks.

    We’re going to be holed up like a bunch of hermits, which is fine with me since I’m already 85% a recluse, but the kids and husband are going to go stir crazy.

    I expect there’ll be some day drinking going on. And reading, of course. Like most, I have an impressive TBR list, but if you have recommendations, send them my way.

    Stay safe and let’s hope the curve flattens soon.