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Book Fight Update

Both of these were good, but Love & Curse Making won because it was light, fun, and hot. It does end with a lot of loose ends, but I wouldn’t call it a cliffhanger.

I felt lost through much of Woman of Blood & Bone, only to find out later that it’s a spinoff series. Anderson does an okay job of catching up new readers, but there are enough references to things I assume happened in earlier books for me to feel a bit left out on the joke.

I can’t believe this is how this one turned out, and if you’d asked I would have told you Seanan would wipe the floor with any opponent, but here we are. Sparrow Hill Road is not bad in any way, shape, or form, but it wasn’t the right time for me to read a collection of serials about a ghostly young woman dealing with some pretty heavy issues. It’s brilliant, but too cerebral for me right now.

In complete contrast, Wolf Gone Wild is a romp that I devoured and quickly downloaded the sequel. Mateo and Alpha are the heroes I needed, even if Alpha reminds me of Tom Hardy’s Venom. Another one whose sequel I quickly downloaded.

This also completed my first second tier bracket, and it was hard to choose between Wolf Gone Wild and Artificial Condition. I gave a slight edge to Wolf Gone Wild, simply because it’s a longer work and I never feel like I get enough time with Murderbot. Honestly, it could have gone either way.

book fight full 7-30-22

To get a blank bracket PDF and see the full list of books included in mine, see this blog post.

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