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Book Fight Update

I actually enjoyed Girls Weekend more than Morning Glory Milking Farm (growing up around cattle tempers your enjoyment of reading sexy Minotaurs), and although Playing for Keeps was entertaining, the idea the heroine was a project the hero needed to fix bothered me.

Wolf Girl sent me on a binge through all four books in the series. I was very glad all four were available, because each of these books ends in a cliffhanger—something I didn’t know going in. I’m usually NO CLIFFHANGERS so being able to read through to the actual end was the only thing that saved it. Mentions of gang rape (off page) tempered the uniqueness of Stone’s shifter, but it wasn’t over done and it was plot driven.

I wanted to love Radio Silence, but I didn’t. I’m not sure post apoc romance is for me. I’ve tried several now, and although this one hit the mark much better than any others, it still left me feeling more cabin fever/forced proximity than end of the world.

I went in to Polaris Rising thinking it was standard space opera fare. I didn’t realize it was a romance, so when it started to bang I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed it. The only drawback in my opinion is that I kept waiting for the hero to be a werewolf (spoiler alert: he’s not). Other than that, this was a perfect romp of a sci-fi romance. I hate that it’s so expensive on Kindle, but I was able to find all three books at my library. As soon as I finished this one, I put the two sequels on hold.

Gray Card was fun, and if you’re looking for a series of novellas to binge, this is your jam (there are 15 books so far). Against a lot of others, Gray Card would have won out, but Polaris Rising will be hard to beat.

Which is why in the second level matchup between Polaris Rising and Black Hat, White Witch, Polaris Rising came out on top. I really liked Black Hat, White Witch and I’m working my way through the series, but Jessie Mihalik just knocked it out of the park.

book fight full 10-7-22

To get a blank bracket PDF and see the full list of books included in mine, see this blog post.

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